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Sony Walkman WM-503 Grey Cassette Player Working Condition

Sony high-quality cassette Walkman WM-503. Cassette mechanism is from WM-F502 so cannot use battery case. FWD playing is good. RWD…

RARE Vintage EXC+++ SONY WM-F502 Stereo Walkman Cassette Player, PERFECT WORKING

RARE Vintage EXC+++ SONY WM-F502 Stereo Walkman Cassette Player, PERFECT WORKING. Walkman is in Excellent++++ Working condition, with original Hard…

SONY Walkman WM EX-66 withRemote controller Perfect working Very good condition

Walkman WM EX-66 w/Remote controller Perfect working Very good condition. [Accessories] Original Remote controller earphone. Working at DC1.5V /AA-Batteries x1…

Hitachi TRK-3D50E Refurbished Radio Cassette Player Boombox Ghettoblaster

Has had the belts replaced on both cassette decks. Heads have been demagnetized and cleaned using’vinyl styl’ head cleaning fluid….

Sony Walkman Portable Cassette Lecteur TPS L2 WORKING, serviced in order

Bought new in Swiss to sell as is working WORKING , serviced in order few days ago. The item “Sony…

Sony WM-D6c Professional Vintage Cassette/ Recorder (New Belts) Original 1988

Original 1988 Sony WalkMan-D6c Professional Cassette/ Recorder (New Belts). NEW BELTS AND HEADS Refurbished in 1995 by SONY, only used…

TOP Porsche 911 Blaupunkt Koln SQR 23 Radio/CC player 930C Turbo 924 928 924 944

You are looking at the TOP of the range vintage car Radio/CC player made by Blaupunkt in 1982! Unit was…

Sony WM-DD30 serviced! New center gear, capstan and pinch roller

Completely serviced WM-DD30, with new center gear, pinch roller and capstan ring. Completely cleaned and necessary parts are lubricated. All…

94-97 Ford Mustang F150 Thunderbird OEM AM/FM Cassette Radio, Premium Sound

Upgraded with bluetooth switched pigtail. This was removed from a Ford Vehicle 1994 equipped with premium sound. This is a…

NORDMENDE HiFi Clipper PL-100 Walkman Stereo Radio Cassette Player. Clean

NORDMENDE HiFi Clipper PL-100 Walkman Stereo Radio Cassette Player. The item “NORDMENDE HiFi Clipper PL-100 Walkman Stereo Radio Cassette Player….

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