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Boxed Complete Sony Walkman WM-DX100 refurbished & working WM-DD9, WM-DD100

Sony Walkman WM-DX100 – Refurbished and working perfectly! I get really excited sometimes when I get my hands on some…

Sony WM-DD3 / WM-DDIII, serviced! With original soft case

Pinch roller and capstan ring. Mechanical in great condition everything is checked and lubricated. Optical there are light user marks…

Technics Cassette Deck M5 as MP3/FLAC player MP3 Tapeless Deck Project

You can simply add your songs. The app is already installed. It looks amazing, as you can switch the cassette…

My New Old Hifi Sony La Scala Ta S2 U0026 Project Audio Essential
SONY Walkman WM-30 Cassette Player Stereo Red Maintained 1984 Vintage

A rare initial type before the WALKMAN logo enters the body. Each part cleaning, resurrection processing, drive system parts replacement,…

Aiwa walkman cassette player Hs-jl505

Aiwa walkman cassette player Hs-jl505. Excellent cosmetic condition, come with case only. The item “Aiwa walkman cassette player Hs-jl505″ is…

Original Mercedes-Benz Becker BE1150 Bluetooth 5.0 +AUX-IN Kode Karte

Original Mercedes-Benz Becker BE1150 Bluetooth 5.0 +AUX-IN Kode Karte. Bluetooth Empfänger für drahtlose Musikübertragung , Internet Radio Streaming und viel…

Special edition! I Sony WM-EX808HG beautiful condition, original wooden box

Special edition Walkman in original wooden box. Both pinch rollers have been replaced and a new drive belt is placed….

SONY TPS-L2 Walkman Cassette Player Guardians of the Galaxy

SONY TPS-L2 Walkman Cassette Player. Guardians of the Galaxy. Rare model , Among the first models of walkman, the writing…

SONY Walkman WM-DD33 SILVER Mega Bass Dolby nr Personal Cassette Player RESTORED

Hello and Welcome to my sale! Walkman is in very good working condition, i. T`s a pleasure to use due…

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